Star Wars: Battlefront III Wishlist

At EA’s E3 conference, we got a sneak peak at the development of DICE’s new entry in the legendary Star Wars: Battlefront series. While we saw no actual gameplay, it was enough to leave me excited for what’s to come. So, while we wait for more news, this is my Star Wars: Battlefront IIi wishlist.

Colorful Worlds


A problem with Battlefield games is that everything can often feel very samey. A lot of cities, a lot of deserts, but nothing too out there. Thankfully, the Star Wars universe is chock-full of exotic locales and interesting locations. You have swamps, palaces, oceans, space stations, and more locations to use in tense firefights and blow up. Speaking of blowing things up…


Destructible Environments


DICE can do destructible environments like no other, and that can be awesome when applied to Star Wars. I want to be able to blow open a hole in one of the Cantina’s walls, use a barrage of AT-AT walkers to make the Echo Base collapse on itself, or burn down the canopies of Endor via a wrist mounted flamethrower. A dynamic battlefield is a staple of DICE games, and I’d be more surprised if they weren’t featured in the game.


Focus on Guns


Perhaps the biggest flaw with Battlefront II was the Jedi being playable. While it was nice to race around the battlefield as Yoda or Darth Maul, Battlefront is about the confrontations between Star Wars factions. Having a one man army on the battlefield kind of ruins some of the charm.


Take Full Advantage of Star Wars Lore


Non-canon or not, the Star Wars universe is deep with different types of weapons and alien species. While it is fun to play as human soldiers, why not use ewoks or geonosians as playable classes? Battlefront II touched on this idea, but there is a lot of untapped potential with the different Star Wars aliens.


Don’t Make it Battlefield: Star Wars Edition


My greatest worry with this game is that it could just be a reskinned Battlefield. That could be the greatest mistake EA and DICE could ever make. I don’t want assault rifles, bullet drops, or dogtag hunting. This is Star Wars, it’s supposed to be fantastic and crazy. The last thing this game needs is to be just a futuristic military shooter.