Project Giant Robot: Super Fighting Robots

Project Giant Robot; the very name conjures up all kinds of mystery. Just what could it all mean? Trust Nintendo to leave us with a true puzzle to work out this E3. Now, there have already been all kinds of theories and rumours, but I think (and I know this may sound insane) it just might have something to do with giant robots ramming into each other. Yes the game’s title is lacking in imagination, but that’s only because this title is very clearly in alpha build, probably even pre. It’s evident in the title, the visuals and in the gameplay because there’s not much beneath the surface here. That said the game has some interesting flair to it, so it is definitely worth giving at least a glance to.

So the main concept behind this game seems to be the very flexible customisation of your robot. The character builder seems to be very robust offering a lot of attachments and fixtures that can all be fined tuned in their dimensions. A head attached to two giant legs? You got it. Arms for days? Of course. What about – YES! The goal here is to create anything you can imagine and then pit them against each other in some kind of giant robot sumo wrestling contest.  So please be excited to see Gurren Lagann fight Gundamns is the salient point here.



The way in which you control your robotic avatar is very interesting. The main screen gives you a third person view of the action, but moving the machine requires you to pay attention to your game pad. On the second screen you get a cock pit view of the action and you must aim the direction in which your robot travels, whilst simultaneously controlling your arms with the thumb sticks. It’s an interesting control scheme that seems a bit hectic, but defeating something quirky and innovative.


Unfortunately the actual gameplay doesn’t seem to have the same lofty ambition shared by the controls and character creation. All you are tasked with doing is knocking the other robot over, while not falling yourself. That’s it. All the matches seem to be over in seconds and there seems to be very little intricacies to the fighting. If anyone has ever played a game of Conkers in the fall, they’ll know the general gist of the gameplay.

But as I said before, it is clear this game is an early build and the two features that stick out are enough to make this IP something at least worth thinking about.