Notable No-Shows From E3 2014

Beyond Good & Evil 2


While we had every reason to think Ubisoft was ready to get serious and finally make Beyond Good & Evil 2, but the cult classic franchise was nowhere to be seen during Ubisoft’s conference. Many people, including myself, fully expected to see an announcement, if not a full-blown reveal, but the complete radio silence on that front is disheartening. Creator Michael Ancel clearly stated that he was ready to begin another game, but even if it isn’t Beyond Good & Evil 2we didn’t hear anything from him at all.

I’m still holding out hope, although I do feel that even if moderate progress was being made on the sequel, we would have heard something about it. As it stands now though, the future of Jade and the Beyond Good & Evil franchise is completely up in the air, and Ubisoft’s conference did little to provide optimism.

The Last Guardian


Following The Last Guardian has been as bad as following a high school romance lately. Recently, reports surfaced that the game had been cancelled officially, even as Sony assured everybody that the project was still in fact a go. E3 was to be the big equalizer, and we would either see the game…or we wouldn’t.

Safe to say how that turned out. With no announcement, video or even a mention, it is hard to have any faith that The Last Guardian will ever actually see the light of day. Fumito Ueda has typically been given all the time he needs to complete a project, but this title was announced five years ago, and the recent rumors of cancellation aren’t doing the game any favors. I hate to be a pessimist, but I have serious doubts that we will ever see The Last Guardian, at least not in the form we know it now.



After worrying reports that Evolution Studio’s Driveclub wasn’t quite up to snuff with expectations, and shipping it would be a “disservice”, it appeared the game was back on track with an official October 7th release date. That seems like a prime time to give us a sweet demo to get excited about, but Sony’s conference was curiously uninhabited by a Driveclub spot. What could this mean?

As far as we know, the game is still scheduled to come out on time, but there is a little cause for concern here. Sony hyped Driveclub up as a major part of its gaming strategy last year, so to see a soon-to-be released major release completely ignored is puzzling, to say the least. Add in the concerns directly from Evolution, and it would have been reassuring to at least have seen something. We will have to wait until Octover 7th I guess, but don’t discount the possibility of a delay being announced, probably sooner than later.

The Witness


Jonathan Blow’s follow-up to his hit title Braid, The Witness, was one of the first indie games Sony touted for the PlayStation 4, and is one of the most anticipated indies on the horizon. Despite leaking the news that they had a big reveal planned for E3, Blow and his team were a complete no show. It was expected Sony would continue the love, especially with their clear promotion of indie titles, but sadly there was no news.

Unlike some of the other games here, there doesn’t appear to be too much reason to worry. Blow is constantly updating his blog with news and updates of the game, as long as you ignore the looming Road to E3 section of articles that clearly never came to fruition, and while we still don’t have a release date, I expect we will be exploring this exciting new world soon enough.



Another E3, another big whiff from the Metroid franchise. Despite new games from Link, Kirby, Star Fox and freaking Toad, Samus is apparently doomed to spend the rest of her life living down Other M by being strictly relegated to Smash Bros and fan fiction, which is still admittedly better than Other M.