Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 Review: When In Doubt

If there was any doubt as to how high the stakes are in Nobunaga the Fool, seeing the condition the Star of the East is in would put them all to doubt. The sky is purple, all the color has faded from the world, and it would seem that plant life is almost entirely gone. All of this is caused by King Arthur, so if something isn’t done soon both stars will likely be destroyed. So the scene is set for the final two episodes.

The core of this episode’s story is Mitsu and his struggle to remain loyal to Nobunaga. With the loss of Ichihime, Mitsu has begun to question everything. He doubts his loyalty and even begins to blame Nobunaga for what happened to Ichihime, even though he was doing everything in his power to save her. While Mitsu seems to have thoughts of killing Nobunaga, he seems to change his mind on that and instead does the unthinkable in his confusion. Mitsu goes to King Arthur’s palace, in an attempt to learn the truth about him. Unfortunately, this results in Mitsu falling right into whatever Arthur is planning, and Mitsu ends up getting brain washed just like Caesar and Alexander.


Speaking of King Arthur’s plans, eight of the Perfecta needed to manifest the holy grail have made their apperance. They are all familiar faces, with most of them being former members of the Round Table. Among them are the creepy keebler elves and Brutus, who is suddenly dead for whatever reason. Alexander’s reference to the historical ‘Et Tu, Brutus?’ was chuckle worthy in a scene that is otherwise extremely bad news. Only four more Perfecta are needed, and it seems like King Arthur plans on using some key people from the Star of the East. Those individuals are: Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Himiko, and Jeanne. I imagine he intends to brainwash them and then have them killed or however the Perfecta are created. Even should that plan fail for any reason, I can’t help but wonder if King Arthur will betray Cesare and Alexander and use them for two of the remaining Perfecta.

It is doubtful if Himiko would survive the trip to the palace in her current condition even if the four of them marched there willingly. She is overexerting herself to the point that it is causing serious damage to her already short lifespan. I do feel terrible for Himiko, given that she is so driven to support Nobu even though he does not feel the same way about her. She would even give up her own life just to try and repair the ley lines so that the Star of the East has some chance of not being destroyed. If Himiko continues to push herself so hard, I imagine that she will not survive for much longer. If that’s the case, I hope her efforts will somehow help in saving the day in the end.


Here as the series draws closer to the end, there is a touching moment between Jeanne and Nobu, where she holds him in order to comfort him as he grieves for the loss of his family and the most recent addition to the body count. Yet in that moment, looking at the bowl strengthens Nobu’s resolve to continue walking his own path no matter what. I wonder what will happen with that resolve when he discovers that Mitsu has gone to speak to King Arthur? I imagine that even for Nobu it will be a difficult situation to confront one of his closest friends like that where they are clearly not themselves.

The preview for the next episode, The World, implies that Himiko is going to play a very big part in it. There is a chance that things might not end well for Himiko in the next episode, but it will remain to be seen as she did survive getting shot in an earlier episode. Either way, it seems like something very big is about to happen. It seems like Nobu and Jeanne will go to King Arthur’s palace in order to either confront King Arthur or save Mitsu. With next episode being the second to last, this episode has set the scene for the big finale.