Hyrule Warriors Preview: Moonfall

Hyrule Warriors isn’t the first crossover Nintendo has had, but it just might be the weirdest. While both franchises may seem like the polar opposite of each other, the combo was working surprisingly well during today’s demo from Treehouse. Hyrule Warriors takes the fast paced and frantic combat of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and combines it with the rich mythology of The Legend of Zelda.

The gameplay started with Midna joining the Battlefield in an area inspired by the Twilight Palace from Twilight Princess. She swung at enemies with her massive hair-hand, dashed around atop a Twilight wolf, and even put on the Fused Shadow for a special attack.


Combat appeared to be  very flashy and fun, especially when Link entered the battlefield. Normal items such as bombs or the fire rod are transformed into a barrage of explosives and a massive fire snake, respectively.

After taking out Zelda series staples such as Moblins, Bokoblins, and ReDead knights, the level’s boss revealed himself as Argorok, a massive dragon from Twilight Princess. As Midna dashed around the battlefield, the massive dragon began to terrorize the Hylian base camp. Midna showed off the hookshot item, which allows you to grapple into enemies for deadly combos.

Midna and Zelda teamed up to create a ‘magic circle’ to bring down the dragon with a powerful hookshot, but it didn’t seem to work. However, the door to the great fairy temple opened up right after. When Midna entered the fountain, we were revealed the Great Fairy, sporting her Ocarina of Time design.

The Great Fairy shot up magical hookshots, all of them missing. However, one managed to hook onto an unknown object in the sky and begin to pull it down. When the clouds parted, it was revealed that she had just shot the Majora’s Mask down to earth to crash into the dragon.

As Argorok plummeted to the battlefield, I realized this game was perhaps the greatest piece of fanservice ever created. Enemies hail from nearly every Zelda title, the loading screen displays an 8-Bit Link fighting an Octorock, and I was able to recognize some of the background music as remixed Zelda tunes.


The developers had called this game a ‘celebration title’ and I couldn’t agree more.  Every single character and enemy is one I could recognize from Zelda history,  from Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule guards to the  Bokoblin redesign of Skyward Sword.

Does the game have more than flashy combat and fanservice? We’ll have to find out when it releases September this year.

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