Demons take the Battlefield in Swords and Soldiers 2

When Swords and Soldiers launched for the Wii in 2009, my brother and I spent many hours in the  2D RTS. Now a sequel is being released exclusively for the Wii U soon this year, and it looks much better than the WiiWare original.

The Treehouse demo began with a Super Mario Bros 3-esque world map for the player to explore. We only saw three or four visible levels that weren’t covered by the fog of war but, we were promised that there will be plenty of levels and secrets to discover and ultimately conquer.

Swords and Soldiers 2 brings back the ale-loving, party animals known as the Vikings and their rival Blackbeard. Sadly, the Aztec and Chinese factions were cut in favor of the Demons and an unknown faction. While I will miss summoning hordes of undead soldiers as an Aztec necromancer or choking out any foes with a Chinese wizard, the combat we saw looked like it could fit a fun time waster.

The game still plays the same, playing on a 2D plane and purchasing units to put into play. Despite the new units and spells, it appears that this game’s combat is the exact same as the first. The only difference is markers, which give you very limited control over your units on the battlefield. The new spell that was shown off can turn units into sheep, leaving them helpless for slaughter. Knowing the Swords and Soldiers franchise, you can probably expect many more wacky spells when the game releases.


The Demon faction appeared to be composed of goblins and other orc-like creatures, but their biggest surprise was the super unit. Super units vary based on what faction they’re in, and we had plenty of time to become familiar with Larry, the super unit of the vikings. As soon as Larry entered the battlefield, the entire screen was covered in ale. Larry ran across the stage, kicking every enemy into the air until he ran off. Despite being simplistic, this game appears to be the proper Swords and Soldiers experience that the devs were aiming for in the original.

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