Affordable Space

Affordable Space Spelunks for the Alien on Wii U

Want to shoot into space, but can’t afford the charge? Nifflas and Knapknock games have you covered.

Using a set of intuitive and simple controls against a dramatically eerie backdrop, the makers of Knytt Underground and Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party promise you an intergalactic space adventure are at a fraction of the cost of other games in Affordable Space Adventures.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.35.42 AM

An atmospheric exploration of all things alien and puzzle-ish, Affordable Space takes players through KnapNok’s odd (and somewhat creepy) underground caverns. The game occurs entirely underground in a rover-like vehicle that players can tilt and move compliments of the gamepad. A handy heads up display accompanies you at every turn in the corner to show you just how to control your ship.

Play a game of cat and mouse and scan enemies Metroid-syle, determining their range and size while slinking away from them in a stealth mode amidst the game’s increasingly more surreal and striking backgrounds. You can do so with your friends in two player local co-op.

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There’s a story of sorts to be had to boot and players will get a handful of alerts and messages from your ship to spoon feed you a few hints and tips about your surroundings.

Affordable Space is still slated to make its way exclusively onto the Wii U eShop Q3 2014.