Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto Shows Off New Mech IP At E3 2014

Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage this E3 to show off just what the Wii U has in store for us this coming year, and with a hands on demonstration of several spotlight titles particularly showcasing the system’s gamepad device.

First up was his newest IP, tentatively titled “Project: Giant Robot” (above) that lived up to its name in full, giant robots and all. Using the gamepad as “the robot’s body,” players were shown exactly how the Wii U’s tilt controls affect the robots’ movements wandering through their metropolitan stomping grounds Pacific Rim style, complete with a cockpit view courtesy of the gamepad’s touchscreen.

Moving the gamepad up or down to “lower your center of gravity,” the L and R button will be used to move forwards and backwards, with players encouraged to throw their robot’s full weight around to level their opponents in Sumo wrestling fashion.

Project: Giant Robot” will further feature customization of all kinds, making your robot’s feet smaller or larger for better mobility.

Project Guard


Next up was “Project: Guard,” locking players in a ruined lunar base and featuring a wealth of security camera style displays,  letting you wreak mayhem via the base’s first person laser defenses against R.O.B. like minions in a kind of tower defense style. Levels vary their frantic pace and number of enemies with each difficulty setting.

Shigeru Miyamoto Star Fox Wi U

Absent was any further details on the previously revealed Starfox for Wii U, but Nintendo stated they’d share it when “they were ready.” So far, the game shows off a single character, Falco, in an Arwing flying through a grassy green field speculated to be Corneria or another planet with a line of dialogue: “Hold still and let me shoot you!” Sounds about right.

The game remains scheduled for a 2015 release.