Nintendo Releases More Surprising Amiibo News

Amiibo figurines, Nintendo’s foray into the use of NFC figurines, will not simply be a for a single game – rather, developers will be capable of integrating a single Amiibo for a variety of different games.

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen, caught in the middle of an Amiibo conflict between Mario and Samus Aran, called Amiibo a new way of expanding the experience of a video game.

For Super Smash Bros, which will release along with the first wave of Amiibo, the Amiibo will be summoned into battle. Every time an Amiibo is used in-game, it’ll become more powerful: learning new abilities and powering up its abilities. Amiibos will level up more quickly fighting other Amiibos, rather than human players or CPU controlled characters.

Trinen also confirmed that games such as Mario Kart 8, Mario Party 10, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and Yoshi’s Woolly World will also feature Amiibo compatability.

Last but not least, Nintendo will be releasing an adapter in 2015 that will allow the 3DS to interact with Amiibo figurines.