Mario Maker

Mario Maker Lets You Make Mario Your Way

Nintendo’s always been privy to letting you play your way, and they’re letting you do it with Marios new and old.

Originally conceived by the company’s internal tools team, Mario Maker was born as a course editor for Mario Paint on the SNES. The game serves as a deceptively basic level creator allowing you to place enemies, blocks, wings, anything you can find in the original Mario Bros. game into your own level via the Wii U’s stylus and touch screen.

The game also includes what was a peculiar bug that occurred in the game’s development, curiously stretching Mario to alter his size, making him tall and thin in the form of a funhouse mirror. Players can additionally harness this feature to make Marios of all shapes and sizes of fit into whatever mayhem they have in store. You can also share your levels with friends to play.

Mario Maker Wii U

Mario Maker further allows you to switch up your level’s look, letting you seamlessly switch between the original 1985 Super Mario Bros. levels and 2012’s New Super Mario Bros. U. Both include the same 8-bit physics and Mario and company will be jumping and running accordingly as demonstrated by Nintendo designer Takashi Tezuka live this E3 2014.

Mario Maker releases to North America and Europe 2015.