2014 Sony E3 Conference Roundtable Podcast

Well, the 2014 Sony E3 conference is officially in the books, and we are almost in overload from all the sweet trailers, announced releases and pure madness that is E3. The Sony conference gave us a lot to digest, and didn’t disappoint with its showing. Some news, like Uncharted: A Thieve’s End and Destiny, was expected and got us appropriately hyped. Other tidbits, like the remastered Grim Fandango and a PS4 version of GTA V, were shockwaves out of nowhere, and those are the kind of announcements that make E3 such a blast.

Join Blake, Chris and Perry of the Leviathyn crew as they breakdown the entire Sony conference bit by bit. No stone is left unturned, complete with all the games announced, analysis of the showings and their game of the show…as well as their disappointment of the conference. If you missed any of the show, or just want to figure out what it all means, you have reached the right podcast.

You can find all the E3 news on our main site, with plenty of analysis and opinions on the way. Thank you for making Leviathyn your number one source for all things E3.