Just Dance Feature

Ubisoft Shows Off Just Dance 2015

During their conference, Ubisoft unveiled the latest entry to their Just Dance franchise, Just Dance 2015. The game will feature the same core gameplay mechanics as previous entries, but with a new twist. Ubisoft will be releasing a free Just Dance App, which will allow anyone with a smartphone or mobile device to play, even if they are not directly playing it on a console. To demonstrate, Ubisoft brought out several dancers onto the stage and the balconies to dance to a song. Each dancer held onto a phone as they all participated in a choreographed dance. At the end of the song, the game was able to register the score of each dancer, and told who had been the best. The creative director stated that there is no limit to the number of people who could participate, stating that they could have more than 20,000 participants.

Just Cause 2015 is expected to release this holiday season and features music by Pharrell Williams Ellie Gould, and Calvin Harris, among others. Given the new innovation the series is bringing, it is sure to make a lot of people happy later this year. No console specifics were given, but it would not be surprising to see this game on every major console.