Rainbow Six: Siege Revealed In A Big Way

Rainbow 6 Patriots may be dead, but Ubisoft isn’t willing to let the brand die…not by a long shot. In a brand new reveal, the team at Ubisoft showed off the next generation of Rainbow Six: Rainbow Six: Siege.

The trailer shown is very impressive, showing off an intense 5 vs. 5 multiplayer match centering on a hostage recovery situation. Featuring simulated player chatter and myriad strategic options, there is a lot to love in the reveal trailer. The best part of the reveal is the showing off of the environmental aspects, and more importantly, the destructibility of said environments. The level of interactivity in the trailer is downright crazy, with walls and floors being destroyed in real time, and very much playing a part in the team strategy.

Near the end, one team breaches a room from the second floor, and the action onscreen has me very excited to see more of this game. No release date, platforms or any real details were released, but Rainbow Six: Siege is definitely one to keep an eye on moving forward.