Platinum Games’ Scalebound Unveiled For Xbox One

Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games was on hand at Microsoft’s conference to unveil a new game title Scalebound. No gameplay was shown, but the CGI trailer features a younger man running through a forest with a monster hot on his trail. He eventually runs into a clearing where a large dragon lands in front of him. It initially looks like the character is in deep trouble, as both creatures stop on both sides of him, but he flashes a grin to the dragon and it launches an attack on the monster. Soon the monster gains the upper hand, but the character has brandished a magical bow and fires it on the creature, drawing its attention away. Just as it is about to attack, the dragon engages the monster.

During this fray, the character dawns headphones that had been around his neck, and charges in with a sword drawn. He jumps onto the dragon and slices up at the monster’s stinger, which is about to hit the dragon, severing it. As the stinger is severed, the character is magically encased in a scale-like armor. He then crashes down on to the monster and the trailer fades.

When it fades back in, the monster is dead, and the helm of the armor slips down into the rest of the armor. As the character begins to relax another monster attacks them. As the character and dragon look on, the new monster raises up to reveal it is a seven headed dragon. It looks again like the character might be in a very bad situation, but swooping in from the sky come several other dragons with riders. The Scalebound trailer ends with the character on the dragon flying toward this new threat.

The things that stand out the most for me from this trailer is the character’s similarity to Dante from the Devil May Cry series, and the end of the trailer, and how it may be a hint at large multiplayer co-op gameplay. No timeframe was given for the game’s release, but this is one of the biggest third party exclusives that Microsoft had to show during their conference.