Microsoft Unveils New Game Ori and the Blind Forest

Microsoft showed off a trailer for a new and unannounced game titled Ori and the Blind Forest. The trailer opened in a side-scroller perspective, with a large gorilla-like character finding a small, white dragon, and training it. It then showed gameplay which focused upon the platforming, with the dragon jumping over spikes, and jumping from wall to wall. At one point, the game showed the small dragon face to face with a large, dark colored dragon in in a stormy environment. The trailer closed with the small dragon being back in a cave trying to get the gorilla-like character to awaken, but its body goes limp, dropping an item it held in its hand, giving the impression that it has died.

The game is being developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. Very few details were given, but given the beautiful look of the game and emotional storytelling displayed with the relationship between the dragon and gorilla-like character, it looks like a game to keep an eye on.