Fable Legends

Fable: Legends Multiplayer Beta Beginning This Fall

Announced at Microsofts E3 Press Conference, Fable: Legends will be having a multi-player beta this fall. While no details have been announced as of yet, Beta participation can be assumed to be open to anyone. Details on how to qualify, and the exact release date, are sure to come.

A new gameplay trailer for the title was also shown at the conference. It showed four hero’s teaming up co-operatively to battle a horde of monsters. While Fable: Legends was previously announced to have four player co-op, a new announcement today was that the game actually is compatible with five players. Four hero’s, and a villain.

Yes, you can play as a villain in Fable:Legends, where in real time you will place traps and summon monsters to try to defeat the four heroes who are making their way through your domain.

While no release date was given for the game, the brief look we got at the conference showed that the game seems to be shaping up very nicely. Stay tuned for more details, and for everything E3 keep it here at Leviathyn.