EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference Recap

The second conference of E3 2014 has ended and revealed some very nice games and details! Here’s the recap for all you Electronic Arts fans out there. Again, there will be a fair few trailers for you.

The show opened with a bang with Star Wars Battlefront, where the team visited the Lucas Archives and the sets to capture the exact look and feel of the movies to recreate in the game. You fight your way through iconic planets and rise through the ranks of either the Empire or the Rebel Alliance. You can expect to see more around Spring 2015, and hopefully plenty of updates in the meantime.

We were also treated to more information on Dragon Age: Inquisition, which has already made an appearance at E3 this year but we’re still not done with it. The video was accompanied by a beautiful live musical performance, and you assemble a team of heroes for a story that is directed by your own choices. You can take control of different party members, which was demonstrated in a gameplay video where you’re pitted against one of the apex predators of the land, a High Dragon. This is a more direct and head-on fighting approach, but if that’s not for you then there’s also a tactical camera mode which removes time, allowing you a top-down control of gameplay and letting you choose your character positions and tactics. The show ended with a first look at some of the heroes, and you can expect to see the title released 7th October 2014.

Bioware made a slightly disappointing announcement with Mass Effect 4, in which very little was revealed about the actual game other than “fans will be surprised by how far we’ve gone,” and that it’s being developed by the Montreal studio. Some conceptual prototypes were shown off, which some of you might have seen in a leak a while back, but the game looks to be set far away from the previous games, with Shepard not making an appearance. They also announced that they are working on another original IP, but there weren’t many details announced. Hopefully we can expect more throughout the week, or even in the near future.

The Sims 4 made quite an impression, promising smarter Sims with more personality, more experiences and the opportunity to control the very hearts of your little simulated family. This is done through brand new customisation and creation features, allowing you to customise the traits and personalities of each Sim – these in turn influence their emotions, their personality and their responses to other Sims in the world. The game is full of vibrant communities and neighbourhoods, full of new experiences and personalities to interact with. And with a brand new gallery of homes and Sims, you can share and add other Sims to your world, complete with their personalities. The Sims 4 will be coming to PC 2nd September 2014, and make sure you check out the official gameplay trailer and website while you’re waiting.

EA then followed with a selection of sports titles, starting off with EA Sports UFC, which includes Bruce Lee as a character and has characters of extraordinary detail, showing you damage from previous rounds and showing them getting banged up as you fight. It’s coming out 17th June 2014, so you don’t have that long to wait. EA NHL 15 followed, promising more control than ever before along with a new generation of hockey players. Physics are now present on all 12 players and the puck, and it has the most detailed arenas to date. Using the Frostbite 3 engine EA Sports PGA Tour now has no load times between holes with fully rendered environments. You’ll be able to play at some of the world’s most famous courses as well as some extreme fantasy worlds, and you can expect more details in the upcoming months.

Criterion Games also made an enigmatic announcement: a new title that heads away from cars and in the direction of boats, helicopters, wing suits and even parachutes. This first person game features an expanded world and high detail landscapes, but currently doesn’t have a title. Mysterious!

Madden NFL 15 promises to completely transform defense, and it seems to deliver pretty well from the E3 video. Defense specific cameras now allow you to read and attack the offense, as well as choose what direction to push an opponent in a grapple. Tackles have also been redesigned, with different types of tackle for however you play your game, and defense gives you more control than ever before. Another big change is the addition of hundreds of new player emotions and reactions, which play out in real time on the field and are paired with dramatic presentation cameras. The release date is set for 26th August 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

Moving off the toping of sports for a while, Dawngate made a very pretty appearance. Dawngate is a new MOBA title that builds on the foundations of the classic MOBA build, and the game plays different depending on your team composition. This allows you to change strategies and experiment with your gameplay, and the game contains a massive story arch to give players reason. Have a look at the E3 announcement.

Mirror’s Edge 2 has been given a little bit of a makeover, building on the first title in regards to the move set with multiple ways for people to get around the level depending on your skill level. Combat has also been designed with the move set in mind: hits are very tight and controlled. The role of the runner has been redefined for more varied gameplay, and that’s about all that was said so far. We’re hoping for more to come out during the rest of E3.

Players with memories and more emotions, that’s what you’re going to get in Fifa 15. Players now react based on the context of the match, so a good game will reward the team with celebrations and a look of joy, whereas losing will do the opposite. Player control is also said to have been upgraded on a whole new level, with a new ball physics system that gives more realistic trajectories and spin. Fifa is also coming with authentic player visuals to give more realistic gameplay: boots now make a mark on the pitch, tackles will tear the grass and kits get dirty as you play. This isn’t the last we’ll hear and you can expect to hear a lot of upgrades before the launch in fall.

The conference ended with a hugely anticipated title, Battlefield Hardline, which made a shocking announcement by going into beta today. Yes, if you head to the Battlefield website you can sign up for the PC and PS4 beta. Other consoles don’t have one yet sadly, but you’d better hurry as there are limited spots. The beta is set to last 2 weeks. As for the E3 show itself, Hardline puts you straight into the war between cops and criminals on the streets. The gameplay video shows you a 32 player online Heist mode which sees players on two sides, cops and criminals. The title is set to be released on 21st October 2014.

There you have it, a recap of the EA E3 conference for 2014. It’s been good to see some gameplay for some of the titles, but don’t just take it from us: let us know what you think of the EA conference by leaving a comment. And just in case you’ve missed it, there’s a recap on the Microsoft E3 Conference here, as well as some Leviathyn opinions on the Ubisoft E3 conference, where some exciting announcements were had such as Rainbow Six: Siege.