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E3 2014 Ubisoft Conference Wrap-Up and Impressions

Despite a lackluster conference last year, Ubisoft didn’t hesitate to jump right back in the mix with a number of high-profile reveals and trailers. New videos of Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, The Crew and The Division didn’t disappoint, and the return of Rainbow Six will certainly turn some heads. Read on to hear our impressions of the Ubisoft conference.

Blake Anglin

It feels a bit surprising to say, but I was actually quite impressed with Ubisoft’s conference this year. I still thought Aisha Tyler is hit or miss as far as a host goes, but she did a good job of conveying excitement and the overall tone of the conference was positive. Most of the trailers were very impressive, particularly Assassin’s Creed: Unity, The Division and, most of all, Rainbow 6: Siege. Siege struck the same chord with me this year that The Division did last year: a gameplay heavy trailer that looks awesome, and I pray it can live up to. I’m a sucker for cooperative strategic action, and both Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Rainbow Six: Siege look to bring that in spades.

I’m interested to see more about The Crew, and Shape Up looks like it could actually be a solid Kinect title, although it is difficult to tell from the limited demo we saw. Valiant Hearts looks to make unique use of the UbiArt framework, and even the newest Just Dance title looks like it is trying to innovate with it’s Just Dance Now mobile app. I was a bit disappointed (okay, more than a bit) we didn’t see Beyond Good & Evil 2, but other than that, I thought Ubisoft did a fine job with their conference.

Grade: B

Chris Mrkvicka

I was impressed with most of Ubisoft’s offerings. They had strong showings from Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and the surprising appearance of Rainbow Six: Siege. Far Cry 4 looked amazing, and the villain is every bit as crazy as I was hoping he’d be. I was pleased with the freedom of movement on display in AC: Unity. There was definitely a sense of the character being more agile in this trailer, and it was impressive to behold. I was a bit disappointed to see combat has not received the same level of overhaul.

The star of the show for me was Rainbow Six: Siege. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was my favorite FPS of the last generation, and I have been waiting impatiently for a new entry to arrive. With so many assets being directed to work on the Division I did not think we would see a Rainbow Six game shown, and Ubisoft left me quite pleasantly surprised with an awesome demo of the multiplayer of the new game.

The conference had some low points with Just Dance 2015 and their new workout game, but the high notes of the games I mentioned definitely outweighed these issues. the only thing I wish they would have been able to show is more UbiArt games. They showed Valiant Hearts, but that comes out in a matter of weeks, and it would appear the engine will be dormant for some time.

Grade: B-

Tiff MacDonald

Publisher conferences are usually some of the more lacklustre showings at E3. With their games being shown already at earlier developer conferences such as Microsoft, usually they run out of surprises and things to wow us with. Ubisoft also had a rocky press conference last year, with many technical issues plaguing the live stream. So going into today’s Ubisoft Press Conference I did not have high expectations. However, I came out pleasantly surprised.

They started the press conference with a bang, hopping right into the first five minutes of Far Cry 4. The game looked impressive, and it was a great way to start off the show. Many big titles were previewed such as Assassins Creed Unity, and The Division. While these were not new announcements, they provided such spectacular trailers and gameplay clips of the games that I was excited for them all over again.

While the big hitters were interspersed between more casual “meh” titles such as Just Dance and Shape Up, I felt that they didn’t spend too much on these titles to make me feel bored. I also thought that the host Aisha Tyler did a great job in making the conference less formal and more fun.

Overall Ubisoft did a good job of making their already announced content exciting, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this years conference.

Grade: B-
Casey Ferguson
 The Ubisoft conference definitely struck me as more impressive than the EA conference. Each of the companies games show near-perfect photo-realism. All of the games shown, save for Just Dance and ShapeUp, had great, story driven cinematic trailers. FarCry 4, The Division, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and The Crew all appeared incredibly impressive graphically and with gameplay for the ones we saw footage.
My favorite take from the Ubisoft conference had to be Assassin’s Creed. I’ve been really into Black Flag, and I’d like to see this game in action. Unfortunately, if it only comes to Xbox One and PS4, I’ll be having to wait a while to experience it.
Grade: A