The Division Makes an Appearance at Microsoft’s Conference

Microsoft had Massive Entertainment on hand during their conference to show off a new demo of Ubisoft’s The Division. The demo focused upon three players working in unison, along with a fourth player utilizing a tablet, acting as a drone overhead. It opened with them in a subway station where we are able to see the level of devastation that the outbreak has brought upon the city. In one room, covered bodies line the floor, and we are reminded of why the city is in chaos. As they made their way to the surface, trying to take a new base. As they reach the surface, we see that that there are enemies to two sides, and after some discussion, they elect to go after the enemies on the left.

They then set out to prepare for the battle that is about to erupt. Two of the characters exclaim they are changing their load outs. Another character throws down an electric mine. After everyone is ready they engage the enemies. Combat appears to be geared toward the style of Ghost Recon with an expanding reticle as weapons are fired more, but becoming more pin point when not firing. Bullets have an effect upon the environment with glass being broken, holes appearing in the environment and paint splashing into the area and on the environment after a can is shot.

The character we are following utilizes a small drone which hits an enemy with a bright strobe, disorienting him, while the player moves to a different vantage point to score the kill. The tablet player marks targets for the main players and the team work together to eliminate the opposition.

Cover is integral to survival, as enemies are accurate with fire. This becomes apparent when the battle shifts to the enemies on the right, and one of the characters is caught out of cover, and is incapacitated. At this point the other characters have to revive him, and we see some of the abilities and equipment available to players. One of the players sets up a turret upon the cover she is behind, and it fires a flamethrower at the nearby enemies, providing suppression while she revives the teammate.

Enemies appear to have different levels of armor, and the final enemy that remains is capable of taking several rounds, while constantly firing rounds at the cover to suppress the players. It makes for a tense situation, as the enemy is capable of downing the players if they do not proceed carefully. In the end, they down the last enemy, and declare that they now have a new base of operations. How bases will play into the overall experience is not disclosed, but the players do state that they can get medical online, so these bases are likely to provide a great benefit to players that take them.

The Division will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and Ubisoft recently announced The Division has been moved back to a 2015 release window.