Tom Clancy’s The Division Cinematic Trailer Revealed In Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft has added on to the multiplayer demo shown for The Division this morning at the Microsoft E3 conference with a cinematic trailer. The trailer begins with a time lapse of New York City just before the outbreak of the Black Friday virus. There is someone singing ‘Silent Night’ over the first minute or so. It’s implied that this is the mother of a young girl dying of the virus. The mother then begins to show signs of the disease before we hear the grieving father and husband, who seems to commit suicide, given the implications of the blood splattered on the window.

We end up in the streets of New York, covered in what appears to be ashes, snow, or some combination of the two. The Division seems to be going toward a very post-apocalyptic feel, reminiscent of Fallout, and the realism is immense.

We see a crew of civilian survivors roaming the streets and gearing up, only to be confronted by a contamination team led by what appears to be a flamethrower wielding government agent. The trailer shows what content we can expect from the storyline, lays out a conflict, and gives us a sense of the direction of the story. See the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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