The Nintendo Team Talks Their Nintendo E3 Hopes

With Nintendo’s incredibly long and detailed E3 2014 presentation coming this week, the Nintendo Team has laid out what they think about this years conference. Each team member is laying out what they hope to see from Nintendo, how excited they are, and what exactly the House That Mario Built can do to stand out this year. Bayonetta 2 Coty Sugg I feel like this year is going to be a big, “make or break” moment for the Big N. They’ve shown us a lot of things to get excited for on both the WiiU and 3DS, but now it’s time to give us some concrete release dates and fewer vague time windows. I’m already looking forward to the upcoming releases of titles like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and WiiU and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS, but I’m hoping we get some concrete dates on when we can expect them. I’d also like an update on titles like Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and most of all, Monolith Soft’s X. I already devoted an entire article to why I’m beyond hyped for this game Nintendo, so give the goods! (Insert grabby hands here). I’ve already gotten some good pre-show news in the form of a confirmed release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS early next year. I’m also intrigued by the Mario Maker title that we’ve been seeing some pre-show images of. If Nintendo really wants to win me over, this would be a perfect time to announce a new F-Zero (one day Martine!) or Starfox title or maybe a remastered rerelease of a cult classic like Mother 3. (Insert grabby hands again). We’ve seen plenty to look forward to and there’s still plenty of surprises Nintendo can bring to the table this year. Your move Ninty. Make me proud. Metroid FI   Adam Barge A great man (I.E. Bane from Dark Knight Rises) once said: “there can be no true despair without hope”. I feel as though, for some Nintendo fans, this statement holds very true. Metroid fans have been feeling the cold shoulder since Team Ninja put the chainsaw to their beloved franchise and Star Fox/F-Zero fans have had to go a whole generation of consoles without a new installment in either series. While Mario, Zelda and Pokemon fans have been drowning in titles over the years, some key titles have been conspicuously absent. Even though I’d love to see Nintendo put more of a focus on their other IP’s, I have found that the easiest way to deal with the situation is take Dante’s advice and abandon all hope. But not hoping is boring! So I’ve decided to have two key hopes going into this E3. One of which is very unlikely, and the other is almost a certainty. You know whats awesome? When companies officially sanction fan games. Capcom didn’t want to lift a damn finger for MegaMan on his anniversary, but at the very least the allowed some really talented fans to make the excellent MegaMan X Street Fighter. More recently Konami gave the okay for a Metal Gear remake … that instantly halted development, but that’s not the point! Its great when companies extend these little gratuities to fans, and in an era where Nintendo’s commitment to its fans has come into constant questioning, I think it’d be nice to see at least one of the dozen of fans games out their get a little bit of support. I told you one was a big ask! But no worries because this one is guaranteed to happen. I want the E3 direct to be interesting! There’s nothing worse than a boring E3 and Nintendo’s record isn’t exacly spotless. That said, since switching over to the direct model, they have almost consistently produced interesting and entertaining shows. So that’s what I want to see the most, a good show this year. A boring wish maybe, but I’ve been hurt by hope before. hyrule warriors Tim Gruver Yes, it’s a hard time to be Nintendo, and it’s a harder still predicting much of what they do. Ask for a Metroid, get a Mario Party. Want an F-Zero? You get a very Wonderful 101. It’s times like these that Nintendo can’t help but seem peculiar, but it also couldn’t be more prone to proving me wrong. Look at 3D World or Pikmin 3 and you’ll know the Wii U isn’t lacking in quality. We have games, great ones, but we need a whole lot more of them. Better yet, we need a star title to steal the show, something epic. Enter Zelda. We know Hyrule Warriors is all but primed to be demoed this E3, but it’s about time we get the definitively Zelda entry Nintendo’s alluded to for a long while. I won’t be the first (or hopefully the last) to say we need a new entry, something beautiful, even darker than expect it of it, and something that realizes everything the Wii U is capable of. If it’s a toss-up among E3‘s staples of a tease, a trailer, gameplay footage, or a real demo, I’d bet on the last three for giving us something more tangible than a title card. Whether it’s as big as Skyrim or as stunning as The Witcher, Zelda needs to feel real again and in a bigger way than ever, maybe even with that princess of ours along for the ride next year. Then there’s, of course, tidying up 2014’s game list. Bayonetta 2, X, Yarn Yoshi, Shin Megami Tensei Vs. Fire Emblem, where are you? If Nintendo’s got dates up its sleeves, I want them firing on all cylinders for the holiday seaosn. Finishing up the Smash Bros. roster wouldn’t be a bad idea either, especially in what’s hopefully the live tournament it deserves. Gimme Shulk and Wolf and I’ll be a happy camper. Then there’s the wildcards to pray for. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, E3‘s all too often a lineup of the usual suspects, Super Marios and Wii Parties included. Throw in a 3DS Starfox, maybe a Metroid, something to spice things up and pull the nostalgia cards we know keep us up at night. If there’s one game Nintendo’s banking on, it’s got to be something new, namely one that speaks to people’s pocket books. If it’s this mysterious “Project S.T.E.A.M.” or a Disney Infinity style NFC game, I’m onboard about seeing something invigorate (and better use) its systems’ features. Expecting the unexpected is what Nintendo’s done best, and it’s about time we see what Nintendoes with everything they’ve built. Super Smash Bros Invitational Patrick Lowe My expectations for Nintendo at E3 this year are fairly low, but that’s not because I think the company can’t deliver – rather, it’s just a precaution against getting my hopes too high. Nintendo has been struggling lately, but I’m optimistic that a strong showing during the company’s Digital Event on the 10th could help reinstate the quality and creativity of Nintendo’s games, including third party offerings such as Platinum Game’s Bayonetta 2, and Monolith Soft’s X. Ideally, here’s what I’d love to see from Nintendo at E3: First off, all eyes are on Super Smash Bros, and with good reason – we’ll be getting our first major glimpse of the game during the Smash Bros Invitational. Nintendo should be ready to grant us a release date, at least for the 3DS version of the game. But if they can tell us when both are coming out, that needs to happen. Going back to Bayonetta 2, it would make me incredibly happy to see that game confirmed to be releasing this year, hopefully with some more footage to tide us over until it hits store shelves. This has been one of the games I’m excited for on the Wii U for the longest time, and a much needed third-party title that has the potential to be one of the system’s strongest games. While it’s tough to expect a huge swell of third-party support, Nintendo would do well to showcase any developers working on games for either the Wii U or the 3DS. They need to push their systems as being for more than just first-party titles, and an event like E3 is the time to do it. That being said, Nintendo’s own titles should take point for the Digital Event, and it’d be great to get eyes on the new Zelda game being developed for Wii U. Even a short teaser trailer would be enough to show us its direction, and get us excited. Along with that, a peak at the newest game in the Mario series would be ideal and show us the strong first party development we all expect from Nintendo. Of course, I’d love to see some sort of surprise at E3 from Nintendo – we’ve all got our series we’d like to see return, such as Metroid, Star Fox, or F-Zero. A new title in any of these series would be a great surprise. Of even more interest would be a new IP, but we’ll see what E3 brings, as I feel any guesses on what a new IP could be would just be like throwing darts with my eyes closed. I have to admit it – I’m a bit more excited for Nintendo’s offerings at E3 than I thought, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go board the hype train – hopefully the train won’t be late. shin-megami-tensei-x-fire-emblem-logo Martine Barthelemy I know that we as a team have been pretty hard on Nintendo as a whole, but that’s simply because we want the company to succeed. Really I’m looking forward to the new Zelda title. I think it’s pretty clear that Nintendo has to release the new IP. They have no choice, people are expecting a new Legend of Zelda although we have no idea where in the timeline it takes place or what role Link will be in. While Hyrule Warrriors is exciting it’s not the game I’m looking forward to really. Of course I have high hopes for games like X and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. I love Fire Emblem so I’m really excited to see what happens with these games. I’m hoping these super long Treehouse livestreams show us not only cool trailers and developer discussions but also gameplay. I’m also looking to Miyamoto and what he’s bringing to the table. I am wondering what game he’s discussing, I’m hoping it’s something NFC related. Really my wish list is pretty short since there isn’t much Nintendo can do to make me happy. For the most part I just want a new Zelda, though if they can give me Metroid then Nintendo will win E3 for me. I am of course hopeful to see comebacks like Starfox and F-Zero, but realistically I know the chances of ever seeing this franchises again are pretty slim. Like I said Nintendo doesn’t need to do much to impress me, but I think to really stand out for fans, they need to bring out a killer new franchise. Out of the big three, I truly believe that Nintendo is the best when it comes to building new franchises and it’d be nice to see what they could do. I’d also like to see some more horror come to Nintendo. Horror games have made a big comeback in recent years, and why couldn’t the Wii U bring us a nice scary title? We’ll just have to wait and see but with the schedule that Nintendo released, I can’t help but be excited.

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    Monolith soft is first party Nintendo, like Retro studios. So X, or ‘Xenosphere’ or whatever on earth (or not on earth) it ends up being called, will be a 1st party Nintendo game. Just a fyi.

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