last guardian

Is The Last Guardian Canceled Or Not?

Yesterday night a slew of rumors and speculations regarding long-in-development title The Last Guardian hit the web, and all of them claim only two things, that the game is canceled, and isn’t. According to IGN and its internal source speaking to IGN Russia“The Last Guardian is finally cancelled.” That information was disclosed in “Sony’s internal meeting last week.”

But almost immediately following these reports Scott Rohde, Head of Software Product Development at Sony, responded on Twitter stating the following, “The Last Guardian has NOT been cancelled.” Sony and its PlayStation team have reassured that the game exists, and that it is indeed being developed over at Team ICO in Japan Studio. 

The company isn’t shy when it comes to announcing the cancellation of certain titles, especially since public reports of severe layoffs usually follow suite. Just recently, Sony canceled one of Santa Monica’s projects, which led to a vast number of layoffs with God of War 3 creative director Stig Asmussen leaving the company entirely. 

If The Last Guardian is indeed not canceled, we’re betting on seeing the game tomorrow during Sony’s E3 press conference.