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Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight Could Be Back On

You may remember last year that Quentin Tarantino was working on another Western, after the huge success of Django Unchained. Many rumours suggested a script called Killer Crow, which would complete the “Basterds” trilogy. However, news broke (with an angry Tarantino) that a script he sent out to six actors was, in fact, leaked to an agent. The script was called The Hateful Eight and with it was a movie that Tarantino said may never be made.

News today suggests otherwise.

Last month’s live reading at Los Angeles museum LACMA gave us the great news that Tarantino was “re-enthused” for The Hateful Eight, and shooting is scheduled for the end of the year. It’s terrific news, especially as people who’ve got their hands on the script said it is an ensemble Western that takes place in a town called Red Rock; where coincidences are a heavy motif in the film.

It is supposedly one of Tarantino’s best scripts to date, being more like a stage play with the film being placed into chapters. The names will be “Last Stage to Red Rock,” “Son of A Gun,” “Minnie’s”, “The Four Passengers” and “Black Night, White Hell.”  If this wasn’t made, it would have been a real waste.


So with the news and an original piece of cinema on the way, it leads to one question: Who’s going to appear in the film?

Well the cast is packed with Tarantino regulars as well as newcomers, from the likes of Samuel L. Jackson as Major Marquis Warren, Kurt Russell as bounty hunter John Ruth, Tim Roth as the English fop Oswaldo Mobray, Amber Tamblyn as Daisy Domergue, Walton Goggins as Chris Mannix, Michael Madsen as John Gage, Bruce Dern as Confederate General Smithers, James Parks as stagecoach driver O.B., Denis Menochet as Frenchman Bob, Dana Gourrier as Minnie, Zoe Bell as Six Horse Judy and James Remar as Jody.

These character names are all taken from the early script reading event in L.A. Tarantino has stated that there is still work to be done on the script before any shooting can happen – hopefully he will take his time and deliver us another Western worth remembering.

Let me know below what you think of The Hateful Eight, and whether you think it will top the success of Django, which bagged two Oscars.