Nine Awesome PlayStation E3 2014 Predictions

We’re so close, folks. So close to the lights and music. So close to the new game reveals and trailer debuts. So close to E3 2014.

Here in Leviathyn’s Sony corner, a handful of us decided to look into the crystal ball and share our three predictions for the proceedings on Monday night. Some are likely, some are unlikely, and some are definite pipe dreams we can only ever hope for. Have any others you’d like to add? Tell us in the comments below, and for more E3 predictions, check out the most recent episode of the Leviacast!


1) PS4 Colors – Although not terribly likely, I would absolutely love to see the idea of different console colors for the PlayStation 4 hitting store shelves. Sony really started to expand its design horizons in the past few years on the multitude of different PS3 color schemes that it started to incorporate into its bundle deals. By proxy, the new PS Vita model and its color combinations could be used to set the tone for PS4 console colors. Otherwise, it sure would be nice to see a machine that matches those red and blue colored DualShock 4 controllers that were also promised to North American gamers a few months back.

2) Beyond Good & Evil 2 – Ubisoft has been exhaustively hard at work for the past decade churning out the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises to much fanfare but it’s about time this dark horse gets some firm release date love. Even more so, AC: Unity & Far Cry 4 were already confirmed prior to E3, and that still leaves the company with an opportunity to make a bombshell announcement. The original BG&E holds a special place in my household, as both my wife and I regard it as one of the best games of the entire 6th generation of gaming consoles. The teaser trailer alone released a few years ago still blows my mind and has me praying hard that high resolution interpretations of Jade and Pey’j are an image we can exclusively treat ourselves to on a graphics powerhouse like the PlayStation 4.

3) Crash Bandicoot – While I know most of you may not think of the old Bandicoot that much, I would kill for a surprise Crash announcement to coincide with Sony’s winning “Games First” strategy that they employed at last year’s E3. Crash would be a welcome return for the latest generation of gamers to finally experience the Sony titles that first fed our platforming hunger. While thoroughly integrated into gaming’s high tech era, what harm could possibly come from going back to a property that captured our childhood imagination all those years ago? I know he’s no Mario or Master Chief but I find it hard to say no to the fuzzball’s face.



1) Naughty Dog – I still contend we’ll see something about Uncharted 4, highlighting Druckmann’s and Straley’s involvement in the project. Seeing some teaser with the words, “From the creators of The Last of Us” or something to that effect would not be surprising at all. I’m still guessing The Last of Us on PS4 will be given an official release date. What do I want to see? While I’m back-and-forth on a sequel to The Last of Us, I’d rather that than a (mostly) pointless port. It’d be cool to see something set in maybe Europe or South Korea following a band of survivors. Just please, for the love of God, no Ellie and Joel. Their story’s perfect the way it is.

2) Square Enix – Since my hopes of seeing FFXV (or KHIII, for that matter) have been wiped off Square’s a** and flushed down the toilet, I’ll just go with what I’d like to see. First off, an official announcement of a localization of Final Fantasy Type-0. Since the PSP was just discontinued in Japan, this would likely be ported over to the Vita, which is okay with me. Also, seeing a Dissidia Final Fantasy 3 would be amazing. There were talks late last year of doing one. I’d love to see an official reveal!

3) TEAM ICO – For heaven’s sake, let’s get that release date for The Last Guardian already! Seriously, how much longer must we wait for Fumito Ueda’s next masterpiece. Even if the release is another year out, at this point it’d just be comforting to receive confirmation of a solid release date. Why must you torture us, Ueda? WHY?!



1) Quantic Dream’s Next Game Revealed – The fact that Beyond: Two Souls’ reception was so mixed leads me to believe that David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream will want to formally announce and show off something from their next project. What will it be? Who knows! Maybe something about an agoraphobic witch? A landscaper who can control time? It’s hard to say what might emerge from the depths of those creator’s minds, but I’d be willing to bet it involves The Dark Sorcerer tech demo from last year.

2) The Last Guardian – What more needs to be said? It’s been almost a decade since Team Ico’s next game was announced, and the development hell in which it has been trapped in is bordering on inexcusable. The worst part? It’s likely that the long tail the game has had will eventually come back to hurt it once it is finally released, since the hype machine will have created astronomically high expectations no one could ever possibly meet. Now’s the time to finally come out and at least give us something. Trailers? Screenshots? Logos? Seriously…anything.

3) Project Morpheus – In the wake of the recent VR resurgence, many within the gaming sphere are eager to strap screens to their faces for the sake of deeper immersion. Along with the high-profile success of the Oculus Rift, many other companies have been hard at work developing their own virtual reality headsets, including Sony, who recently announced their own VR project titled Project Morpheus. The headset itself is still pretty early in production, but it’s likely we’ll see or hear something about the peripheral during the conference.