Sony Announces Two New PS4 Games

Sony is continuing its commitment to Indie games. Today the studio announced two new titles which will be coming to the PS4 with PS Vita Crossplay. The titles are One Way Trip and EarthNight.

One Way Trip is a game which is just as odd as the name sounds. It is a mixture of Adventure, Third-Person Shooter, and RPG styles in a wrapping of hand-drawn, neon intensive graphics. The developers offer their explanation of the game, saying:

In One Way Trip, you and your brother Barry discover that you’ve been poisoned in a mass attack on the water supply that has left a large portion of the nation with only six hours left to live, during which time they will be constantly hallucinating. To put it another way, it’s an atmospheric exploration of what it would be like to find out you and most everyone you love is about to die, and then have to process that while your limbs turn into cartoon dolphins.”

One Way Trip

If cartoon dolphin limbs wasn’t enough to make you excited, One Way Trip will have a branching choice and morality system as well.

But beyond that, One Way Trip is about mortality and opportunity cost. You probably won’t be able to accomplish all of your goals, but you’ll have the freedom to choose what your life is about, and what you decide is important to you. The game accomplishes these goals in its story mode through a mixture of both constant choice-based branching and a deeper, more procedural systems-based approach. At any given point, wherever you are and whatever you do, everyone else is actively living their own lives and working towards their own goals, altering the fabric of the narrative.”

A trailer showcasing the games combat, which will actually be completely separate from the main adventure campaign can be seen hereOne Way Trip will be coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2015.

Sony is also giving us another indie title, this one not so trippy, titled EarthNight. This game is a side-scrolling 2D rogue-like runner. It features beautiful hand painted environments and offers two characters to play as.

The game is said to be extremely simplistic to play, only requiring two buttons in fact, but extremely hard to master. Cleaversoft will be bringing the title to next weeks E3 where they say to “expect many deaths”.

The title will be coming to PS4 later this year, and to PS Vita shortly after in 2015.