Goat Simulator Patch 1.1 Now Available

With all the news of E3 swirling around the industry, let us not forget about the little game known as Goat Simulator. The game has a new update, which adds 4-player split-screen multiplayer, wall running, bike riding, and more goats for free.

Here are some standouts of the patch notes that Coffee Stain Studios has released for Goat Simulator:

  • The Goats have learned to ride bikes, press R to mount.
  • The Goats have learned to ride longboards, press R to mount.
  • The Humans have learned how to ride Goats
  • Deadmau5 has finally left EDM. Is now making Goatronica.
  • Stand by for Goatfall
  • Added five new colors, all of which are unseeable by the human eye.
  • We actually bought a stuffed goat head IRL for our office, we have no idea what to do with it.
  • Removed Flappy Goat, I hate that fucking game.
  • You can now swim. Well not really swim, more like float around in a semi-controlled buoyant propulsion fashion.
  • You can now play ragdoll goat hockey!

More of the notes can be found here. The last one sounds like a blast. Most of Goat Simulator‘s humor comes from the fact that the game is spontaneous, easily breakable, and one of the best purchases in a while. Until the next patch, now we all wait for the next big simulator, Bear Simulator