Nobunaga the Fool Episode 21 Review: Till Death Do Us Part

If nothing else, the twenty first episode of Nobunaga the Fool certainly wasn’t slow paced or uneventful. More than anything, last week’s preview made it seem fairly boring, so I suppose that was just a poor choice of depicted scenes than anything else. In truth, this episode was eventful with a depressing ending.

One thing that has continued to irritate me is the erratic pacing that this show has. Between episodes it will skip over days if not weeks of story development just to move things forward. King Arthur and his forces land on the Star of the East in the previous episode, but then there are only brief images of the battle between the two Stars before Julius Caesar shows up to attempt a peace talk with Nobunaga. They also choose to show an image of Alexander and a mysterious dragon tattoo located where he was injured by Noubnaga, yet they don’t even briefly explain what that is about. I’d prefer a slower pacing if it meant not having to jump ahead so jarringly.


Speaking of Caesar, he once again takes the lead in this episode. Although, he isn’t exactly himself in this episode. No, his brain is still a bit addled by whatever brain washing magic King Arthur used on him. Even Nobunaga can see how much Caesar has changed, and refuses to call a truce with him. Of course he is eventually saved from his brain washing by Nobunaga at the end of the episode, but it was still too late to save him. In a surprising turn, Caesar is killed by those keebler elves that have served no purpose other than to be creepy throughout the entire series. At the very least, Caesar is able to kill them and thankfully that means no more creepy blonde twin elf things.

The subplot romance between Ichihime and Caesar comes to an end in this episode as well. Ichihime, is determined to find out what has happened to Caesar. I’m impressed with Ichihime, as I can’t imagine the sheer amount of guts it must have taken for her to go into enemy territory just to speak to Caesar. It is thanks to Ichihime that Caesar is prevented from destroying Oda Castle, which gives Nobu enough time to break King Arthur’s hold on Caesar. Unfortunately, Ichihime is also killed as she was directly behind Caesar when he was run through with a spear. In a touching, yet depressing moment, Ichihime crawls to Caesar and the couple die while their hands are touching.


Earlier in the episode, Caesar spoke to Cesare about something referred to as the Perfecta. Apparently the Perfecta is based off of some research or project left behind by Leonardo Da Vinci, and is the name of a person/people who have somehow become immortal. Or at the very least they are people who have conquered death. Caesar doesn’t give many details, but it sounds as if these Perfectas are needed in order to have the Holy Grail successfully manifest. Unfortunately, it seems like the manifestation of this legendary regalia will destroy the Star of the East. Such a goal would surely make King Arthur the Destroyer King instead of the Savior King, but he seems to specialize in some kind of mind control to keep his minions from realizing this.

The next episode seems like it will revolve heavily around Mitsuhide and possibly some big choices he will have to make. I can’t begin to imagine what he is going through after having witnessed the death of the woman he loved, especially when he was right there when it happened. Of course, there is a chance that the preview isn’t showing what the episode is really about and is only using scenes of Mitsuhide in order to cover that up. Although, I do wonder how this series will wrap up given that it only has four more episodes to go. It seems like they will need to pack in a lot of content in order to pull that off, and I’m concerned that they will rush the pacing too much in order to stuff in the rest of the story before the series, or at least this season, comes to an end.