The Last of Us Heads Directing Uncharted PS4

As has been well documented, Sony’s crown jewel Naughty Dog has undergone a slew of significant changes over the past several months. Uncharted’s creative director Amy Hennig left the studio and has joined Visceral Games to commence work on an unannounced Star Wars title. Uncharted 3 game director Justin Richmond left the studio as well following Hennig, and has since joined League of Legends developer Riot Games.

Several other key departures followed suite, but a recent Gameinformer interview with Naughty Dog heads Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra has shed some light into what’s exactly happening at the renowned studio. For starters, both The Last of Us game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann will head up development on the new Uncharted for PlayStation 4.

When asked whether or not this change of leads will disrupt development on the PS4 title Evan Wells responded saying, “It’s not so much a transition period, actually. We’ve asked them to lead the project. They are excited as veterans of the Uncharted franchise to take the responsibility and they’re doing great.” Both Straley and Druckmann were heavily involved with the first Uncharted games before moving on to The Last of Us, so this isn’t unfamiliar territory for the duo.

However, there’s a negative stigma associated with the new title. Evan Wells was asked what his response would be to fans who are worried that the series’ creator, Amy Hennig, is no longer involved in which he said, “I think it’s important for everybody to understand something that we’ve said all along: Everything here at Naughty Dog is done as a team effort across the board.  Everybody has a huge creative input into everything that’s done. We never have operated on the “auteur philosophy” in any of our games in our 30-year history, where it’s just led by one person and if you remove that head it’ll come to a grinding halt. That’s not how we operate. So this is, again, business as usual.”

We’re fairly confident that Uncharted PS4 will make an appearance at Sony’s E3 press conference, so we’ll inevitably find out more about the game.



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  1. tgruver

    Don’t know how I feel about this. . . I always thought Amy Hennig’s steady hand was the heart of this series. Naught Dog seems to be leading the charge into darker territory from here on out, and I don’t know if I want my Drake to be more a survivor and less of an adventurer.

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