mighty knight

Flash Game of the Week: Mighty Knight

Who wouldn’t love to be a knight and take on hordes of enemies with some trusty allies? Well, you can do that in the Beat ‘Em Up flash game Mighty Knight. Mighty Knight is a 2D action game in the same vein as Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Mighty Knight is a fun game with great graphics and solid gameplay. As with a typical Beat ‘Em Up you spend your time moving around and unleashing different types of attacks. In Mighty Knight, you have a basic sword attack that is complemented by two special attacks. Your two special attacks are a sword wave attack that attacks enemies right in front of you and sword spin attack that attacks in 360 degrees. The game also gets harder as you progress, and the last couple of quests can get difficult so don’t expect a cakewalk.

After each time you complete a quest you have the opportunity to complete side quests. These side quests have special requirements that include defeating all enemies without taking a hit to beating a level under a certain time limit. These side quests are quite challenging add a decent amount of play time to your experience.

The graphics and design for Mighty Knight are really well done, with detail way above the average flash game. The designs for the enemies are really cool, and I really like how each time you upgrade your character there are slight tweaks to how he looks.

Along the way you will obtain three companions that will help you in your quest. Each of these three companions specializes in a different skill. The barbarian has high health, the rogue is fast, and the archer does the most damage. The only complaint that I have with Mighty Knight is that the AI controls your companions and they have a tendency to do some really stupid things in combat. For example, your allies will run around the map and attack enemies randomly or will charge into a horde of enemies and get themselves killed. For the most part this isn’t too bad but for the timed attack side quests it becomes almost impossible to win as your allies are not very efficient when it comes to fighting. It would be helpful if there were ways for the player to set the behavior for the companions.

Overall this is a very fun game with a few slight improvements I could see ending up on Steam as a full release, like with Kingdom Rush. If you are looking to fight a horde of evil give Mighty Knight a chance.

Flash Game of the Week is a weekly series that highlights the best browser-based games you can find on the ‘net.