Glenn Beck: Watch Dogs Is Dangerous, Teaches How To Hack

Well known conservative political commentator Glenn Beck shared his negativity towards Ubisoft’s newly released Watch Dogs via the independent Libertarian news network The Blaze, stating that the game is harmful and teaches people how to hack.

“The idea here is they are teaching you to hack and then become the ultimate voyeur in other people’s lives, including their bedrooms, by hacking into their phones and everything,” Beck exclaimed during a section on the violence of video games.

“This game is teaching you to hack into whatever is docked in your bedroom. What the heck is wrong with us? What are we thinking? We are inviting this into our home and our lives. We are teaching our kids for entertainment purposes,” Beck continued.

As is well known, Watch Dogs revolves around the idea of letting payers “hack” in-game objects such as smart phones and surveillance cameras. However, players are never taught how to hack in the real world.

Recently, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs became the fastest selling game of all time for the company.

(Source: Polygon)

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  1. tgruver

    Hah, if pressing one button taught me how to hack, then the world would’ve been in a world of trouble long ago. Unless our friend Glenn knows something about hacking we don’t. . .

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