PS4 Exclusive Project Beast Gameplay Footage Leaked

Alleged new footage of potential PS4 exclusive Project Beast has been leaked online. The footage comes way in the form of a post on NeoGAF, and the brief video looks extremely similar to From Software’s Souls games. Project Beast is reportedly a working title, and is rumored to be the sequel to PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls, the first entry in the hardcore, but beloved series.

Screenshots of the same footage first emerged, yet again on NeoGAF, in the beginning of this month and they seem to align with the newly leaked footage. The video, which can be viewed below (via this link), displays a dark cloaked individual tentatively walking and then eventually fighting off a handful of enemies, which also contain a striking resemblance to the enemies found in all three Souls games released thus far. Whether true or not, we’ll soon find out.



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