Nobunaga the Fool Episode 20 Review: Bridge to Heaven

Everything is escalating rather quickly in Nobunaga the Fool, and this is continued in the very eventful and situation developing 20th episode. Nobunaga has succesfully returned and has come back something more than what he was. On the other side of the conflict, it would seem that there is more to King Arthur than what meets the eye.

As the expression goes: when it rains, it pours. This is certainly the case for the entirety of the Star of the East, as they can’t seem to get a break from the relentless attack from the Star of the West. Himiko’s kingdom has fallen, and all five mechanical nail things have been hammered into the ground by Alexander. Apparently the hammer was just an ordinary tool and not some critical artifact, given that Alexander has a new one. This process seems to prevent anything that relies on the ley lines form being used, including the Grand War Armors. Fortunately this also has an effect on Alexander and his forces.


One of the bigger events in this episode would likely be the one featured in last week’s preview with King Arthur and Julius Caesar. As I had expected, it would seem that King Arthur was completely cool with all of Caesar’s shenanigans and dismisses all of them as being things Caesar wouldn’t have done without good cause. Caesar also gets to see King Arthur’s face, but this time it is completely different. Rather than a golden godlike man, Arthur appears as a woman. Like Alexander, Caesar weeps at the sight of him/her and seems to become fiercely loyal to King Arthur once again.

Yet later on in the episode, Alexander describes King Arthur as being a man among men. While at first I thought King Arthur was actually female, it would seem that this may be some sort of magic that he is using to alter his appearance. I imagine that King Arthur uses this to appear as someone that the individual would deeply revere and follow loyally without question. Either way, Excalibur appears and is confirmed to be a regalia. Given everything that has happened in this show, I’m honestly not surprised that the legendary sword is also a regalia. Yet why doesn’t King Arthur wield it himself?


In an attempt to stop Alexander, Nobunaga and his forces go on the offensive. Nobunaga and Alexander fight once again, only this time they are not in their War Armors. Surprisingly, Nobunaga is able to keep up with Alexander and land an attack on him as well. However, Alexander proves to be a cunning foe and manages to use his broken blade to break the seal in Yomotsuhirasaka. This results in the Star of the West being able to open the Ladder to Heaven and travel to and from the Star of the East as they please. Of course, before this can happen it has to be activated by a regalia. On cue, Caesar appears and uses Excalibur to allow King Arthur’s stronghold Palais Natura to travel to the Star of the East.

Most importantly though, Hideyoshi has made a full recovery and is back on the battlefield. Although he did lose an arm and leg, Hideyoshi has been equipped with mechanical parts by Leonardo Da Vinci. I thought it would take longer for him to come back into the action, and I certainly did not expect him to become a cyborg. Although at this point, anything goes in this anime. I do love the design for his mechanical parts, flashy yet effective.

While the previews for upcoming episodes don’t show everything, for obvious reasons, I can’t help but get the feeling that the next episode is going to be more exposition with a much slower pacing than the past few episodes. It seems to be a constant in this series that the pacing goes from up to down and then back up after an episode or two. Hopefully some more details about the Holy Grail regalia along with the nature of King Arthur’s strange powers will come up in the next episode. Apparently there are only four episodes left in this series, so this could very well be the beginning of the end.

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