Nintendo Announces YouTube Affiliate Program

Last year, Nintendo made the controversial decision to claim revenue on all user created videos containing Nintendo content. This obviously didn’t sit well with the legion of Let’s Players who were monetizing videos of Nintendo games just for Nintendo and YouTube to get all the money. It appears now that change may be on the way, but not exactly the change some people were hoping for.

According to their Twitter feed, Nintendo is backing off their policy and initiating a YouTube Affiliate program, wherein people who are signed up for the program can receive some of the money from their videos, while YouTube and Nintendo still take a cut. It is worth noting that this still is not an open policy, only users authorized by Nintendo can take part in the program, and it is unclear at this point who will be part of the program, and how that can happen.

A Nintendo rep told Game Informer:

“Nintendo has been permitting the use of Nintendo copyrighted material in videos on YouTube under appropriate circumstances. Advertisements may accompany those videos, and in keeping with previous policy that revenue is shared between YouTube and Nintendo.  In addition, for those who wish to use the material more proactively, we are preparing an affiliate program in which a portion of the advertising profit is given to the creator. Details about this affiliate program will be announced in the future.”


This could be an interesting development, especially since numerous game companies, including Deep Silver and Ubisoft, have been adamant about empowering users to create and monetize their own Let’s Play videos. This bears watching, and I don’t think this will create as much goodwill as Nintendo thinks it might. We will keep you updated as we hear more.

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