sims 4

New Sims 4 Trailer Released

The Sims 4 has gotten a new trailer which shows off the building features in that will be included in the game. The game looks to have made some streamlined changes to its Build Mode, which promises to make the house of your dreams easier to build than ever.

As seen in the trailer above, Sims 4 adds more customization than ever, with the options to customize wall height, window placement and more now included. The trailer focuses on the new features that players will find in Build Mode, which will allow you to create homes faster than ever. Players can place rooms like jigsaw pieces, and shaping is just a click and drag away. Another new Build Mode feature is the ability to place full furnished rooms with a click of the mouse, saving construction enthusiasts from having to channel their inner interior designer.

This newest look Sims 4 comes following the previous trailer release which detailed the new Create-A-Sim mode. That trailer can be watched here.

EA plans to show off more of Sims 4 at this years E3 Press Conference. Untill then, keep it here at Leviathyn for all things Sims 4