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New Mortal Kombat Game Leaked?

It seems that a new Mortal Kombat game announcement is imminent due to a supposedly leaked poster. All Day Gamers received a poster for the game which simply asks “Who’s next?” The white text sits on top of a broken spinal cord, a well-known trademark of the game tied to a fatality, and a white Mortal Kombat logo above the text.


Warner Bros. has been contacted by several news outlets, such as IGN, but the publisher has failed to respond thus far. Usually, right before E3, such high profile leaks tend to happen. Just yesterday, EA’s next Battlefield game, Hardline, was leaked as well before the publisher eventually confirmed the existence of the title, which is being developed by Visceral Games.

To add to the speculation and leak Ed Boon, one of the original creators of the series and creative director behind the last MK Game, took to Twitter to tweet out numbers and a countdown to June 2nd, which could be the official date of the game’s reveal.

If the rumor has any validity or not, we’ll be sure to update with any new developments.