transistor limiter

Video: Transistor – All 10 Limiters Guide

Supergiant Games’ Transistor, like Bastion, doesn’t have a difficulty slider. Instead you’re given the option to add up to 10 limiters to make the enemy stronger or yourself weaker. Activating them gives you a small experience boost, but it’s mostly there for completionists looking to get all the achievements and to challenge those that have mastered Transistor’s unique combat system.

Some limiters are fairly minor additions, like spawning additional cells upon each Process’ death, or making some of those cells corrupted. Others can be devastating, like adding more of the Process in each battle, having them do twice the damage, or simply limiting yourself to less Functions you can equip.

In the video below I walk through the powerful combination of Functions that helped me survive with all 10 limiters activated. Note that this is in Recursion Mode, Transistor’s equivalent of New Game Plus.

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