Watch Dogs May Be Too Much For Your PC To Handle

According to Jason Evangelho, a tech contributor at Forbes, Watch Dogs may tax your PC. He reports that he has trouble getting the game to even run at the start menu, and blames the massive memory usage as the problem. In his posts on Facebook, Jason documented his struggles trying to run the game, saying:

“Houston, we have a problem. Testing Watch Dogs on PC. “High” overall quality setting at 4K, my Radeon 295×2 is registering a max memory usage of 7495MB. ARE YOU KIDDING? And I can’t even get Watch Dogs to *run* right now with an Nvidia quad-SLI (780 Ti) setup because it uses more than 3GB of VRAM. At the start menu.”

He continued to voice his concerns by posting a photo of the memory usage which the game was requiring to run at 1080p with High settings.

Watch Dogs Computer Usage

“Folks, this is Watch Dogs running on “high” quality setting at 1080p. Yep, 5GB+ of Video RAM. This effectively means that with the exception of Titan, no single GPU can run this game at reasonable settings even at 1080p. This is a serious problem. (Note that this is a Radeon 295×2. Memory is only variable I was recording. VRAM on Nvidia cards is less aggressive but still way above normal).”

While this news is worrying, some positives came out of Jason’s experience with Watch Dogs as he stated that the game was “absolutely gorgeous.”

With this news released, do you think your computer is beefy enough to handle Watch Dogs at its highest? Gamers will have a chance to try their hand at running the game when it releases on May 27th.

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