The Trailer Report – 5/23/14

Hello, all you movie watchers out there! Welcome to The Trailer Report, where we’ll break down all of the week’s biggest movie and TV trailers, and try our best to answer the ultimate question for all trailers: Does it look good?

This week we’ve got British agents, fake psychics, revered reviewers, and some quality space travel.

Let’s get started:




A thirteen-year-old’s increasingly delinquent behavior forces his emotionally absent father to take responsibility for his actions.

Does it look good? Hmm, it’s possible, I suppose. I think I’ve been burned a few too many times on these sort of moody indie films, I might be getting jaded about them. They have a bad habit of looking deep and meaningful in trailer form, but then forgoing much of a narrative or character arc for their moody introspection. Also, someone posited to me recently that Aaron Paul may have been great in Breaking Bad, but that was probably the highlight of his career and he will likely never be that good again. Presumptuous, but I’m not in total disagreement.



A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel.

Does it look good? Certainly does! Though, to be completely fair, I’m not sure if I would have been quite as excited about this trailer if it had been from any other director. This trailer promises a moving, powerful film, but really doesn’t tell us much about it; I am guessing that most of this pre-flight setup is contained in the first 30 minutes or so of the movie. I do dig the practical looking sci-fi future, and McConaughey looks to be continuing his streak of stellar performances lately. So, while this trailer may be a bit more teaser-y in its actual content, it does have me sufficiently curious about what they find out there, which I think is the whole point.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

A veteran secret agent takes a young upstart under his wing.

Does it look good? Sure does, looks fun. It looks super British, but that’s not a bad thing; the more Mark Strong, the better, I say. To be honest, this looks like a lot of other things all mashed together; it could be James Bond: Year One, it could be some kind of Wanted/La Femme Nikita cross-stitch, it’s even got a fair bit of a Men In Black feeling to it. The biggest selling point, though, is that it’s directed by Matthew Vaughn, who has yet to direct a movie I didn’t like, and has directed a handful that I love. He’s got a great sense of balance between action, danger, humor, and ridiculousness which is certainly on show in this trailer. I can safely say I’m excited for this one.


Life Itself

A documentary film that recounts the inspiring and entertaining life of world-renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert.

Does it look good? Definitely. I’m an unabashed fan-boy of Roger Ebert; I’m here writing about movies, aren’t I? He’s pretty much the patron saint of writing about film. He was the most prolific, most important film critic of our time, and while I didn’t always agree with him (very often didn’t, actually), that was his point; he made people talk about movies, in depth and with meaning. So, a documentary discussing his relationship with film and his rise to prominence seems only fitting, brilliantly recursive, and should be fascinating.


Life of Crime

The wealthy husband of a kidnapped wife doesn’t want to pay her ransom, throwing a variety of crooks into disarray.

Does it look good? Eh, could be. They’re going for a Coen Brothers by way of Elmore Leonard feel here (it’s based on a story by Leonard), and it does certainly invoke vibes from Fargo, Get Shorty, and Burn After Reading. But not many pull off what the Coen’s have, and few can even effectively pull Leonard stories well, and well it certainly has those vibes, it looks like a slightly cheaper knockoff of them.


Magic in the Moonlight

An Englishman is contracted in to help unmask a possible swindle at the hands of a beautiful psychic.

Does it look good? Not really. I know there are some Woody Allen fan-boys out there who will defend work of his as a masterpiece, but I’ve never been a huge fan myself (and it’s not just because the scandals in his real life have made his consistent older man/younger woman film romances increasingly disturbing). This honestly just looks a little stiff and constructed, like it was supposed to be a stage play. It also seems to think it’s wittier than it is; it’s got a huge wink-and-nod tone that isn’t backed up by the cleverness of the dialogue, at least as presented in this trailer.


Wish I Was Here

A struggling actor, father, and husband attempts to home school his two children when his dying father can no longer afford to pay for private education.

Does it look good? I suppose. Zach Braff is another one that I know has a lot of die hard fans, but I’m not one of them. I thought he was pleasant enough in Scrubs, but Garden State was mostly self-obsessed hipster nonsense. This looks like might also be equally self-important, but it seems to have a bit more going for it. A better story, for one. Mandy Patinkin, for another. Still, we’ll just have to wait and see how much actual story and drama there is here versus how much navel gazing and self-pity there is from Braff.


That’s it for this week. Let me know in the comments which of these you’re most excited about, and which ones you’ll be steering clear of.

Until next week!