Kickstarter For Amplitude Successfully Funded

Harmonix’s Kickstarter of the classic rhythm game, Amplitude, has successfully been funded today. The current amount that has been raised by backers is sitting at $795,513, with the original goal being at $775,000.

The Kickstarter has went through a lot of hardship to get to this point, as Harmonix was using all their efforts to push this game pass its goal. Harmonix finally got the help they needed when Insomniac Games and numerous dedicated fans that pushed Amplitude to the goal of being funded. Almost 13,000 people have funded the game, with most backers funding $20 to the game. Harmonix has added stretch goals to continue funding the project with online head-to-head multiplayer if the game is funded past $1,125,000.




Kickstarter has helped out numerous companies to fund games that wouldn’t have been funded any other way. For example, Double Fine has used Kickstarter for numerous occasions, with Broken Age being the latest game to be funded on Kickstarter.

Amplitude is to be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with the ability to cross-buy when the game hits PlayStation Network in March 2015. It will be exciting to see Harmonix back in action doing what they do best, awesome rhythm games with awesome visuals.

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