Microsoft Thought About Building Kinect Into Xbox One

Speaking with Develop, Xbox One hardware designer Carl Ledbetter has revealed that Microsoft heavily considered, and investigated building the Kinect into the console itself. 

He also revealed that Microsoft even had a prototype of an Xbox One with Kinect built-in, but aesthetic issues encouraged the company to scrap it. “We pushed ourselves, can we put it all in one? Is that going to work? And the technology just isn’t there yet,” he said. “As soon as you have something much bigger than the Kinect sensor, people don’t want to put it by the TV, it’s too big.”

Ledbetter was one of the major forces behind designing Kinect 2.0, but he has stressed that he’s all for severing it completely from Xbox One. “It’s all designed together, it’s holistic,” Ledbetter said. “And in the version that consumers can buy that doesn’t include Kinect, it still all works. And so I think I share the same opinion that everybody does that by having more choice for the consumer, and a new point of entry for them, it’s great.”

The Kinect-less Xbox One comes out June 9 in all markets and will cost only $399 USD, £349, 399 Euros and $499 AUD.