Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Evens the Odds

We’ve finally gotten our first look at the gameplay in the upcoming Batman game. The official Playstation YouTube channel posted a gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight this morning, showing off the first glimpses of the game in action.

The trailer, titled “Evening the Odds,” prominently features the Batmobile, which is the prominent addition to Arkham Knight from previous games. We also see a bit of the story, which apparently has Scarecrow terrorizing Gotham with a deadly alliance with the Rogues Gallery of Batman villains. The trailer also features the titular Akham Knight character, who clashes with the Dark Knight at the end of the trailer.

We’ll likely see more from this game next month at E3, especially considering that’s one of the few games this year coming exclusively to next-gen consoles.

Batman Arkham Knight is scheduled to release on Oct. 14, for the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, though the new trailer only confirms a 2014 release date. Arkham Knight will be the fourth and final game in the Batman Arkham series and the third developed by Rocksteady, following Warner Bros. Games’ Batman: Arkham Origins last year.