The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Screenshots

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Screenshots Revealed

Telltale Games have teased screenshots for the next episode of The Wolf Among Us. The game developer tweeted several screenshots for the fourth episode titled, “In Sheep’s Clothing” earlier today.

The screenshots depict Bigby talking with Narissa, who was introduced in Episode 2 “Smoke and Mirrors” and Snow White. “In Sheep’s Clothing” will likely be showing Bigby Wolf dealing with the brutal conclusion to the previous episode. According to Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 will be arriving soon.

New episodes of The Wolf Among Us have been releasing every other month, alternating with Telltale Games’ second season of The Walking Dead. If the pattern is to continue, In Sheep’s Clothing will likely release sometime in early June.

The Wolf Among Us is one of two current episodic series made by Telltale Games. The series is adapted from the Fables comic books series and serves as a prequel. Leviathyn has reviews for Episodes One, Two, and Three of The Wolf Among Us as well as The Walking Dead.

Telltale Games currently have a series set in the Borderlands universe planned called Tales from the Borderlands as well as a Game of Thrones series.