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Chamber of Game: Transistor

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Supergiant Games
Publisher: Supergiant Games
Release Date: 5/20/14


Transistor is a game about a girl and her sword. Specifically a night club singer and her murdered friend who becomes imprinted on the sword, and their journey to find answers and defeat the all-powerful robotic creatures known as the Process. The Process have begun systematically integrating Cloudbank’s citizens and converting their once idyllic city into a blocky nightmare. With the help of the titular sword, Red fights her way through the Process to save her city.

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While Transistor adheres to standard action-RPG gameplay elements (many of which are seen in Supergiant Games’ Bastion), the combat is given a supremely interesting boost from the addition of a turn-based tactical planning mode. With the flick of the trigger Red pauses the action and creates a tactical overlay of the combat encounter. From there various Functions can be fired off in cool combinations, and Red can position herself to better take advantage of the given situation.

The Transistor weapon gains new Functions and abilities upon leveling up, and each one can be used as either an active ability, an upgrade to another Function or as a passive slot. Red can equip four passive slots, four active abilities, and up to two upgrades to each ability, making for an insanely awesome amount of variety and custom loadouts. Each Function, from grenades to gun blasts to dashes, is tied to a person living in Cloudbank, and using a Function in all three ways unlocks more of their story, giving further incentive to experiment with different builds.

In this episode of Chamber of Game, Eric and Chris look at some early game combat, showing off the tactical mode and the world. Then we skip ahead to look at more advanced abilities and try out some of the challenges in the Backdoor hubworld.

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