YouTube Is Reportedly Buying Twitch

New rumors, from show-biz site Variety, report that YouTube is readying “more than $1 billion” to purchase popular video game streaming service Twitch. According to the publication’s sources, YouTube will make an announcement about the deal “imminently.” But, YouTube will most likely be expecting tough questions from the Justice Department around anticompetitive practices, considering Twitch’s domination in the video game streaming space. 

In lite contrast between what Variety is reporting, the Wall Street Journal has published its own reports suggesting that Google’s talks to acquire Twitch are true, but the deal is far from complete. While citing numerous sources, the report states that discussions are in the early stages and a deal “isn’t imminent.”

Twitch currently remains one of the most successful independent services to date. It was launched only three years ago, back in June 2011, by co-founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. As can be seen, the service has become the go-to-space for user-generated streaming, further fueled by both current-gen consoles’, Xbox One and PS4, focus on the service. 

We’ll be sure to update with any new developments.