Next-Gen Consoles Could Cost Americans $1 Billion Annually

A new study from environmental action nonprofit group Natural Resources Defense Council claims that both new-generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4, could cost Americans $1 billion per year. This sum stems from assuming that all 110 million last-gen consoles have been replaced by current ones. Of that sum, the organization claims $400 million will be spent from using both console’s standby modes. 

The organization tested power usage during more generalized tasks, such as streaming video games, and found that both consoles consume 30 to 45 times the amount of power while streaming 1080p movies compared to devices such as the Apple TV. 


Also to note, for all the Xbox One owners out there, running your TV through the Xbox One to use the OneGuide features increases the power consumption of the activity. Having such a setup increases power usage from 210 kW hours per year to 289 kW hours per year, though these numbers include the Kinect, which should become less of a factor come June 9th. 

On a more positive note, both Sony and Microsoft have improved the way their consoles adapt to power needs for different activities. Navigation usage, for example, is lower on the PS3 than the PS4. The same is true with Microsoft. 

Here’s the full chart: