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Ray Winstone Joins Point Break Remake

News broke a couple of days ago that Point Break remake has signed its Gary Busey-like, in the form of English legend Ray Winstone: he is set to play John Utah’s FBI partner in the upcoming remake.

Winstone is mainly known by British audiences for his role as Gary Dove in 2000’s Sexy Beast, in which he played a retired safecracker who had one last job to complete after a run in with an old pal, Don Logan.

American audiences may know him from Martin Scorsese’s Boston crime classic The Departed, and more recently playing the villain in Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah. He also has two BAFTA nominations under his belt, so with his inclusion into the Point Break remake, fans will probably rest at ease as it is still in safe hands.

It wasn’t always going to be easy to sell the idea of a remake of an already great film, as earlier in the week reports suggested that Gerard Butler dropped out. It led some to wonder if the film’s script was not good enough for stars to stay attached.

Ray Winstone in The Departed

Ray Winstone in The Departed

I must admit, remaking a film by the legendary director Kathryn Bigelow with already great performances from Busey and Patrick Swayze, is going to have to hire some talent to pull this off. It’s not just talent that is required; putting a new spin on the genre that has been made and remade ever since the original surfer bank robbing movie hit our big screens in 1991 is important, because I’m sure many will roll their eyes if they see John Utar firing his gun up in the air lying on his back again.

For those who are unfamiliar, the original plot was set in the coastal town of Los Angeles, where the central narrative followed a gang of bank robbers who called themselves the ex-presidents. They committed their crimes while wearing masks of ex-presidents Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson. The F.B.I. believed that the members of the gang could be surfers and sent a young and inexperienced agent, Johnny Utah, to go undercover at the beach to mix with the surfers and gather information. Utah met surfer Bodhi and became drawn in to the lifestyle of his new friend.

From there it turned into a rollercoaster thriller mixing breath-taking skydives, bank robberies and surfing to create the now guilty pleasure of the nineties.

So, good luck to the new Point Break team.

The new Point Break director Ericson Core is mainly known for his work as cinematographer on films like Payback, and Daredevil – he will have to be at the top of his game with screenwriter Kurt Wimmer (2012’s Total Recall) to create a memorable reboot.