Microsoft Defends Bundling Kinect At Launch

Despite Microsoft’s recent changes made to its Xbox One, more specifically getting rid of the Kinect in new upcoming bundles, the company has still defended its decision to bundle it with the Xbox One at launch.

Xbox’s chief marketing and strategy officer Yusuf Mehdi told Forbes that the company couldn’t, and shouldn’t have offered a Kinect-less Xbox One until now. 

“I think it was the right call to bundle with Kinect,” he said. “In the beginning of a new console generation, you’re trying to set the bar for a new experience, and I think we did that with Xbox One. The proof is really in the usage. 80 per cent of people are using Kinect which is remarkable compared to the last generation. We’re doing 120 voice commands on average a month with over a billion commands issued. People who wanted the experience came and bought it. We were sold out all through the holidays. I think it was the right call, and now is a good time to offer more choice for people who haven’t been able to get that experience.”

“The way I look at it is that you should take a five year vision. I think in five years, we will laugh at any computing device you can’t walk up to and talk to. Voice is going to be there for all devices.

“We’re a pioneer with Kinect in the living room. And it’s not just voice, and it’s voice and biometric ID. The ability to pioneer that, and with the success we’ve had so far with five million people, it’s remarkable. We feel great about it. And look, we’re going to learn a lot, and our partners are going to learn a lot, and our customers are going to learn a lot, and we’re going to continue to shape it. But I think we’re breaking a lot of new ground and we’re delighted with the progress.”

Following its Kinect announcement, Microsoft has also officially revealed the release date for Halo 5: Guardians, which is slated to come out next year. It seems the company has a jam-packed conference planned at E3.

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