Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Killzone Shadow Fall Online Co-op Coming this June

Killzone is going Co-op this Summer. Poria Torken, Producer at Guerilla Games announced via the Playstation Blog today that Killzone Shadow Fall will be getting a four-player online cooperative mode called Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept.

The online mode will have players teaming up to capture and hold a point while fending off an endless amount of AI-controlled Helghast. The objective of the mode is to reach a certain score until the victory condition is met.

The team score indicates how close players to establishing a hacking uplink. Team score can be increased defending uplinks from enemy capture attempts or by an individual player banking their personal score, which is increased through kills, ability uses and recaptures. Losing the uplink or dying incurs a score penalty upon respawning. If all four players are dead and the team score is too low to allow respawns, the game will end.

Each player will take on a different combat role. The Assault class specializes in close-quarters combat, the Marksman takes out enemies from afar, the Medic can heal and revive teammates and finally the Tactician uses equipment to turn the tide on the battlefield.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept will come on four new arena maps which are inspired by locations in the single-player campaign. The mode will be available in June and will be free to Season Pass holders.

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