Analyst: Xbox One Will Surpass PS4 In Sales In US

The folks over at Games Industry International spoke with a handful of industry analysts regarding Microsoft’s recent, and exciting news concerning the new Xbox One bundle that will be priced at $399, without the Kinect. Alongside the Xbox One being severed from Kinect, the company’s Games with Gold will be moving to the new system, with a handful of perks as well. There’s also the new feature of allowing consumers to use several apps, and streaming services without having an Xbox Live gold subscription.

With all of these recent changes, analysts predict that Xbox One will eventuality outsell PS4 in North America, more specifically by 2016.

IDC research manager Lewis Ward told the site that Microsoft’s “change[s] will be enough to push the Xbox One installed base higher than PS4 in the U.S. and Canada in 2015.” IDC’s previous estimation was it taking until 2016 for Microsoft’s system to outsell Sony’s. But Ward was confident in saying that PlayStation 4 will maintain its lead until 2016. 

Other analysts, such as RW Baird’s Colin Sebastian and Tilting Point’s Jesse Divnich, agree with Ward in saying that implementing these new changes will greatly benefit Microsoft in the long run, but both still believe PS4 will be the leader in global sales well past 2016. 

So far, Xbox One has shipped five million units while PlayStation 4 has sold seven million.