Nobunaga the Fool Episode 18 Review: Alexander the Invincible

The “good guys” of Nobunaga the Fool have certainly been defeated quite a few times lately, but this episode is a particularly nasty defeat for everyone. The end result is a rather grim situation for the characters at the end. Not only that but, there is one particular historical figure that is treated much more respectfully than most of the other figures that I’ve mentioned in previous reviews.

As is the standard for this anime, the episode kicks off in medias res with the invasion from the Star of the West unleashing hell upon Takeda. The invasion is led by one of the members of the round table, Chandra Gupta. Chandra has been seen around for some time now, but hasn’t really done much. So maybe it is his time to shine, right? Nope, he gets one shot by Kenshin. I guess there are some weaker members of the Round Table in terms of combat capabilities.


However, Chandra’s defeat has little effect on the invasion as the true leader steps forward immediately afterward. For the first time in the series, Alexander himself enters the battlefield. Kenshin tries to fight him, but is immediately defeated. Oddly, Alexander spares his life after they have a philosophic talk about battle and the fear of death (or lack thereof in the case of Alexander). So it would seem that Alexander is a foe that will not be easily defeated.

In the previous episode, Mitsu had managed to escape imprisonment. He also found a way to sneak onboard with the invasion as well in order to get back to the Star of the East. Pretty clever idea, Mitsu is certainly not one to be underestimated. Although I do feel bad for him given the position he is in with Ichihime. Even though he manages to save her, she is still more concerned about Caesar. I guess she’s developed feelings for the man, or she wants to experience more of his baking skills.


During the invasion of the Star of the East, something interesting is revealed by Alexander. As it turns out, the only way to have the Holy Grail appear is to hammer five mechanical nail things into the ground of the Star of the East in a star formation. I’m not sure why the Grail would appear only on that particular star, but I’m sure there is a reason for it. Either way, I’m sure it won’t be good for the ley lines of the planet as it seems to be causing some strange interferences.

Nobunaga rallies his forces in an attempt to fight Alexander. He then decides that it would be a good idea to try and fight Alexander alone. I honestly didn’t think that was going to work, and it doesn’t. Nobunaga isn’t just defeated, he’s outright. Even with the crazy attempt at controlling four regalia, Nobu cannot land a single blow on Alexander. He manages to destroy the hammer, which might help in some way since it seems to be needed to hammer in the nails. In an attempt to save Nobu, Hideyoshi attacks Alexander, only to have get severely wounded. His Grand War Armor is completely destroyed. Alexander spares their lives afterward and allows them to retreat.


Out of all the characters in this anime that are based on historical figures, I really like what they did with Alexander. They’ve turned him into a powerhouse badass and unconquerable force on the battlefield, very much like the historical Alexander the Great. Alexander is on an entirely different level of power than anyone else. If previous opponents like Caesar are the equivalent of a boss near the end of an RPG or the final boss, Alexander would be the optional superboss that is almost impossible to beat.

As far as the preview for the next episode goes, it would seem that Kenshin has somehow been set free from captivity and is seen talking to Nobu. Given there is an appearance of Shingen, my prediction is that Nobu will go somewhere where it is possible to commune with the dead. It remains to be seen if Hideyoshi will survive his wounds, although it doesn’t look good given he seemed pretty badly injured.